The beauty and remote wildness of nearby Nootka Sound and stunning Esperanza Inlet must be seen to be truly appreciated. First we make you comfortable on MV Shorebird then we pull out all the stops to give you the adventure tour of a lifetime!

Hang on and keep your camera at the ready because we are going to do a little bit of everything from wildlife viewing and whale watching to sightseeing on this west coast Vancouver Island eco tour. We could visit historic Yuquot (Friendly Cove), where Captain Cook first set foot on British Columbia soil.

Then bear viewing, Tahtsa style, is on the menu. Imagine silently gliding up to the shoreline to share the warmth of the afternoon sun with a foraging black bear and her cubs. This is the BEST way to get a non-intrusive glimpse into the natural life of wild black bears as they scour the beaches for crabs and other delicacies.